Frequently Asked Questions

We do our best to answer all questions our players may have.

  • I am not very good at my sport. I play mostly for fun. Can I try this?

    Absolutely! The league will provide you with more partners at your level and with more motivation to play your sport. You can challenge others at your own pace to keep your passion alive.

  • Will there be referees for my match?

    No for league matches. As true sportsmen and sportswomen, we expect the players to abide by all rules and play fair. The players have to score themselves and submit the results back to Passion League team after the match. For Season Finale Tournament, Passion League team shall arrange referees for the semi-finals and finals and conduct in traditional tournament style.

  • Can I challenge anyone in the League in the same category?

    Yes, you are expected to challenge and play with other players in the same division.

  • Why is this Passion League not free to join?

    We want to make sure that the League members are really passionate and committed to the sport and to this League. We want to avoid having a lot of members who do not challenge anyone or who do not turn up to their matches as it would eventually happen if the League was kept free. By charging a nominal amount, we hope to keep the League exclusively for the truly passionate. Moreover, there are costs of conducting a season finale tournament for each division in the league.

  • How much does it cost? What do I get in return?

    All players are supposed to register in the league by paying a lifetime registration fee. Now the good news is as an inaugural offer, this fee is being waived for a limited period of time. The other fee to be paid is the seasonal fee to participate in a season. This fee gives you entry to play for the season of 3 months. After the season, you can choose to renew to play another season or take a break and rejoin back if you need a break. By being a member, apart from staying connected with the community and be continously having matches through the season, there are a number of exclusive Passion League member benefits such as discounted products and venues, invitations to tournaments, access to coaches etc.. Moreover, if you are in the top 4 of your division, this will also give you free invitation to play the Season Finale Tournament.

  • How many players will be there in my division and how many matches will I play during one season?

    We want to keep between 6 to 14 players in each division. So potentially, one can play between 5 to 13 matches for that season. Passion League team will constantly be encouraging all players to challenge each other and in setting up the matches every few days so that the action never stops.

  • What is an Open House?

    A: The idea of the monthly open house is that any member can just come and play at a neutral venue booked by Passion League team. One can play their league matches with other members who turn up to the event. This is also an opportunity to socialise and meet other players. We try to conduct open houses at a different venue each time to suit different parts of the city. The cost of the venue booking will be shared by all attendees.

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New season starts on April 2017 to June 2017 in Bangalore / Hyderabad / Chennai.